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no one "diet" works for everyone

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Your personalized program will radically improve your energy, health and overall happiness. Together, we will explore concerns specific to you and your body and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance. No dieting, no counting, no weighing, no measuring, no depravation..just integrating better choices into your daily life that will improve your health!

You Will:

  • *Set and accomplish goals
  • *Improve your eating habits
  • *Learn the value of whole foods in relation to good health
  • *Feel confident in your choices
  • *Make small, firm steps toward improving your life
  • *Improve you eating habits without feeling deprived
  • *Make self care a priority

Your Personalized Coaching Program Can Include

      *One to one coaching each month

      *Email support between sessions

      *Grocery shopping guidance

      *Handouts, newsletters and recipes

      *Access to CD's, books and other materials

      *Exercise and fitness advice

​      *Stress reduction techniques

      *Cooking classes

Corporate Wellness Programs Now Available!

Schedule a consultation today.  This conversation could change your life!