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​Let me start off by saying that I've known Deb for over 20 years and call her a dear friend. I used to work out in some of her weight/aerobics classes and she would kick our butt. She is literally one of the most dedicated and strongest persons that I know. That's why I reached out to her when I didn't know where to turn. I had suffered some health issues for a year or so that caused me to loose over 30 lbs, this drained me physically and mentally. The doctors, including my family doctor, cardiologist and a 

gastroenterologist had me on numerous medications that had affected me in adverse ways. They had even suggested cutting out body parts! This is when I called Deb knowing she was a health coach now. I told her what was going on and she immediately set up a time to meet me, she had brought some literature and handouts for me to start reading, she also worked out a diet that was high in calories, she just wanted me to gain some weight at that fist meeting. I met with her a lot the first couple months and she helped me understand what had happened to my body, including my mental state, which had deteriorated immensely. After gaining some weight she started getting me on a diet of foods that were healthy and nutritional, she also had me drinking water again, and a lot of it. Deb gave me tapes to watch, she had me write out a food journal, worked out what was good and bad. She also gave me a book that literally changed my way of thinking, which is damn hard to do. Did I mention I'm stubborn and hard headed. Deb stuck with me when I was at my lowest and gave me encouragement when others just shook their heads. She wouldn't let me give up or get down on myself. I've been seeing her now for 8 months and I have gotten back to 200 lbs, I'm strength training again, walking over two miles every other day and eating healthy. I can not say enough about how much she helped me and got my old self back! Failure is not an option for this lady, If you are struggling with health, weight or just the fact life has kicked you around, I highly recommend seeing Deb. She truly saved my life and I have the utmost respect and love her for this. Thank you Deb.    Clovis VanNess

​When I started working with Debbie, I was at my lowest point regarding my health. I wasn’t sleeping, I constantly felt drained and sluggish.  I suffered severely from IBS.  The worst part was I wasn’t enjoying food for fear of getting sick.  After my first appointment, I knew my life would be different.  I went home and immediately started my new grocery list and reading everything that Debbie gave me. I finally felt like my life could be different and I would start feeling healthier.  I loved my appointments with Debbie. I was always excited to learn something new. Debbie coached me for eight months and at the end, I was a much healthier person.  She worked with me to figure out what triggered my IBS and how to avoid getting sick.  She helped me get the right nutrition in my food so I didn’t feel like a slug. I finally had energy! I couldn’t believe it.  She helped me find the right exercise routine with my busy schedule. She really opened my eyes to a whole new world with food that was good for me but most importantly delicious. The best part of this whole experience is Debbie helped me change my life and I didn’t think that was possible. I’m so grateful for all the support she gave me and always pushing me to keep moving forward.  Even though I finished my program with her, I still feel like she is pushing me to stay healthy and continue moving forward to a healthier me. I’m a new me because of her help! Lacey Tomechko, student & Navy Corps of Engineers

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer the anxiety greatly decreased my appetite and sleep. I quickly realized that I had to focus on what I could control each day while preparing for a year of treatment. Nourishing food became more critical than ever as I was eating less. During treatment I depended on Deb's smoothies and soups with loads of organic plant-based nutrition to deliver the energy and flavor I needed. My weight stayed consistent while my energy increased. I experienced very few side effects throughout intense treatments and was able to enjoy activities with my family. I am so grateful that Deb was part of my team. Susan Barkus, Cancer Survivor

 I just want to thank you so much for all guidance you have given Bill and me.  It was a wonderful experience just meeting and getting to know you, not to mention all that we learned.  You taught me things about food that I never even thought about. You are such a positive person! That made the whole experience painless. Even if we screwed up, you always saw the positive and pushed us right back on track. You never made us feel bad for turning our 20% into 80% at times!  Barb & Bill Jacques, retired

I was started gaining weight around the time I entered high school. It was easy than to pass the few extra pounds off as stress or puberty but got hard to dismiss after having gained 20 pounds in 2 years. It was then that I realized I needed help, not just for my figure’s sake but also for my health’s. I started hitting up the gym more often but to no avail, which got me thinking that what I needed might not be as simple as a few more hours of cardio, so I decided to go visit my doctor. They did some blood work and found out that I had Hypothyroidism. It was suggested to me that I go visit a health coach, so I did, and it was the best decision I ever made. Debbie was understanding and knowledgeable which made the transition easy for me. Fast forward six months and here I am today not only losing weight healthily but also on the road to a full recovery. Because of her I am going to be able to come off of my hypothyroidism medicine with no problems. I can’t thank her enough. :D ~
Clair Shiley

I came to Debbie in February of 2014 under the recommendation of my physician Dr. Vaishali Geib, M.D. My blood work had been consistently showing high cholesterol levels with some evidence of buildup in my arteries. I was not obese, exercise has always been a part of my lifestyle, I took vitamins, slept well, am a meditator, and did my best to eat right. Yet, as a single mother to 8 children while working and pursuing my degrees, I had lived a life of high stress. I was frustrated as to why I couldn’t shed those extra pounds I’ve accumulated as I began to age, and why my blood work numbers were so high when I really was cognizant of my choices (both the good and the bad). Debbie took a holistic and educator approach as we began to look at how food (or “pood” as she calls it) has changed over the years. I had to learn a new way to eat, and with my children now all adults, a new way to live that honored life. Time takes time with each session building upon the previous. Debbie was consistent in her offering of love, encouragement, and knowledge. The results of my recent blood work were so dramatic that the numbers even astonished Dr. Geib! Because of Debbie’s gift of coaching, I am medication free and have been placed on “maintenance” by my physician. Thank you Debbie! Peace and wholeness, Virginia Rae, LFCC Professor

When I began working with Debbie I was struggling with stomach pain and fatigue every day. My energy was so low I could hardly work a full eight hours without a nap. I did not exercise and my diet was totally carb based. Over the past year Debbie coached me into a very different place in my life. She was able to help me slowly phase out the food that were not nourishing my body and start trying new, healthy recipes. She worked with me to find an exercise routine that fit my ability, lifestyle, and interest. Debbie helped me view my life holistically and understand the connections between my anxiety, my stomach pain, and my eating, sleeping, and exercise habits. In the past year I have lost ten pounds, significantly reduced my stomach pain, and increased my energy. I was even able to stop taking anxiety medication and have been able to successful cope with my anxiety through exercise and relaxation strategies. I am truly grateful to Debbie for her support, patience, and insight. The healthy patterns she helped me form have dramatically changed my life for the better.   Sarah Bentley

Deb was the driving force that enabled me to get my life habits turned around and going the right direction.   Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in her field, she has the personality and teaching skills to help you make the decisions that will "stick".   In a relaxing informal environment, the information is presented that can help you with diet, stress, exercise, etc.  She involves the "whole" you!  Deb asks you to make small changes, which will make dramatic changes and you want to keep moving forward.   I have so much more energy, improved overall health, and have received numerous compliments from friends.   I feel better, and it shows!   Karen Magaha, Business Manager

I'm coming up on almost 7 months of working with the wonderful, inspiring and incredibly smart Debbie Jeunette and I can't believe the person who I am and how I am changing from the "inside - out" ;) Today I had my 6 mo check up with full blood work and I have gone from pre-diabetic and on the edge of needing cholesterol meds to the normal-low range in all my numbers!! It's incredible! I've lost 20 lbs and countless inches! I have ran 2 races (and am planning on several more!) one of which was a 10k!  Weight gain has been a constant struggle for me for years and I didn't realize how bad and how quickly my health was declining. It's a WONDERFUL feeling to be in control of my own health and my choices! Food no longer controls me! And that's a big deal ;) I love you Debbie and thank you so much for being my rock in this journey. I look forward to reaching many many more goals with you this year!! Candice Ransom  Mother, Wife, Photographer

I have known Debbie Jeunette for a number of years – first as a fitness instructor at Sports Plex; as a wonderful massage therapist; and, most recently as a great Health Coach.My husband and I went to Debbie in January 2013 because of a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes which I was not bringing under control on my own. My doctor had said that if the blood sugar was not down by the time of blood work in Marc-h, I would be put on medication because of damage which could occur to vision and internal organs. So, I was “running scared.” I was already on medication for high cholesterol levels. Triglyceride level was also high. I’m also on medication for an under-active thyroid. I have been a life-time Weight Watchers member since my late twenties; my husband and I had returned to Weight Watchers on January 2, 2013 to try to get blood sugar levels down. As you can see, DIET issues had become overwhelming when the diabetes information was given to me by the PA. So, I called Debbie for help with coordinating the dietary guidelines for cholesterol issues, weight loss, and for diabetes. My husband went with me and was a strong partner in this life-changing adventure with foods.

We continued coaching through September 2013. Blood work then revealed that A1c was stable at 5.2! I had lost a total of 39.4 pounds and continued with the exercise program. At the end of October, I have lost a total of 44 pounds and my husband has lost around 30 pounds; we feel great! We are enjoying better nutrition through better foods, whole foods, some new foods and recipes, and we have pretty easily given up the very unhealthy food choices we were used to. (I was hooked on Diet Coke – drinking anywhere from 4 to 6 daily; it t is not unusual now to take a couple of days to drink 1!) Another big change is WATER – She and she alone enabled me to learn to drink water; LOTS of water! Most days I drink 80 oz. or more which is over and above the amount recommended.

After just two months with Debbie’s coaching and changes in daily nutrition and kicked-up exercise routines, my blood work showed significant improvement: cholesterol levels were down to normal range, blood sugar had dropped to normal levels - with A1c down to 5.2, and I had lost a total of 21 pounds!

Debbie used videos, books, papers, even food samples along with her one-on-one coaching sessions, support, and encouragement – especially concerning exercise! She is so up-beat and positive and that alone goes a long way as an incentive. Thanks a million, Debbie! We couldn’t have done it without you. It is also great to know that we can still call you if we run into problems or have questions! Thanks again! Betty and Richard Keller – both retired Winchester, VA


My name is Betsy Frazier and I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I came to Debbie to get help with eating better to lose weight and to see what else in my life needed help. When I came to Debbie I was not sleeping well, eating well or doing much of anything else well. Debbie helped me learn how to read labels and helped me learn how to eat better. I would bring her things out of my pantry and she would tell me whether or not they were a good thing to eat. Most of the time they were not. She helped me clean out my pantry of everything that wasn't good for me and helped me find things to substitute for them. Debbie helped me see that my sleep patterns greatly affect my weight loss. I had no idea that sleep had anything to do with weight loss. So far I have lost 25 pounds. I still have a long way to go but that is a good start. I discovered that I have sleep apnea and now have a C-Pap machine that I use nightly. I am now sleeping better and more soundly. Since working with Debbie I have more energy to do the things I need to do daily. I have started working again on a very part time basis. I had not worked in over two years since being on disability. I feel better now and feel like with time I will lose the weight I need to lose. I just have to be patient with myself and not worry if I gain a few pounds back. I can lose them again. Working with Debbie helped me get on the right track with my weight loss and helped me see how everything in my life relates to each other. I would recommend Debbie to anyone. She will help you with anything in your life you are dealing with. She will teach you how it all relates. Betsy Frazier 


I started seeing Deb Jeunette at age 58 after my doctor ordered a carotid artery test  because of my family history. Dad died of a massive heart attack at age 49, Mom had her first heart attack at age 51 and triple bypass surgery before age 65.  All my siblings are on cholesterol and high blood pressure medications.  I was a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, counted my points, and exercised thinking I was in good health. The result of my carotid test was shocking to me. The report said I had the arteries of a 70 year old, and my doctor wanted me on cholesterol meds.   I was very against medication since two of my siblings who were on Lipitor, now have diabetes as well as two cousins, and there is no history of diabetes in the family. Although the doctors say there is no correlation, I could not believe them.  I did not want to go on medications, and so I called Deb to set up an appointment to see if I could beat the cholesterol numbers with good nutrition.

Having Deb as my Health Coach has been a life changing experience for me.  I do not look at food the same way any more.  Deb worked with me to set up an program that would work best with my busy lifestyle as a teacher.  The program was designed specifically for me to meet my needs and to eat "clean" with no processed food. She taught me the joys of preparing and eating "rainbow" foods and kindly demonstrated how to do it in my own kitchen!  I learned how to read food labels, and what not to put into my body. By following the advice of my Health Coach and living a healthy lifestyle, I  was rewarded by losing weight without having to count points ever again.  My gym membership has brought a new level of self confidence with my strength and weight  training.  Deb has inspired me to take control of my health, and it has been an empowering, uplifting, and energizing relief not to rely on a pill to fix my cholesterol with horrifying side effects.   The best part is knowing that I was able to do the work by eating the right foods, drinking plenty of water, meditating, and exercising and not having to face the fear of what might happen to my body on cholesterol medications.  I am proud of myself for staying the course and not taking the easy way out with "A pill for every ill."  I think my doctor was shocked to see that I could actually manage my cholesterol with healthy eating, and if feels marvelous to be the Captain of my own Healthy Body sailing smoothly through life without being medicated!!! Judy Whiting, Elementary  Teacher SC, Va        

As a 28 year old, I have started a new life with my newly wedded husband and in the near future children as well. I felt that right now was a good choice for me and my husband to start a healthier way of life for us and are children. I am so blessed to have met Debbie at her workout classes.  I made the choice to join the gym and it was by far the best one I have made in my life time.  Debbie’s classes inspired me to do better in my way of living. I surprised myself at how well my body can change in a positive way. Since I have started talking with Debbie as my Certified Health Coach, I have had a better understanding on different foods,exercising, how to read food labels and overall better way of life. As I absorb all the wonderful information like a sponge, I in turn  passed this along to my husband. All the educational information opened my husbands eyes and now he is making healthier choices too. He is drinking more water, trying new healthier foods I make and now he recently stopped smoking. Debbie is a angel to me and my husband. She is so loving and caring, talking to her makes you feel at home. She constructs different programs for your certain life style. Thanks to her now I feel confident that I can make the right choices for me and my family. Once again, thank you Debbie and all that you do!   Sarah Meyers  Stephens City, VA                                   

Thank you, Debbie, for your guidance with my husband and me over the past several months.  Even though this venture was to be for Howard’s benefit, I believe I am the one  who got the biggest reward!  As I’ve said previously, I had no idea how little I knew and thought I was eating the “right” way.  There is so much more to learn, but with the tools you have provided, I feel more confident in following the right path.  With my help, I am hoping Howard will continue to embrace this new lifestyle to lead him to be a healthier person.  I look forward to continue learning with the information you provided us in our coaching sessions and becoming a Fit Senior CitizenWith Love & Respect, Pat Woodward, Retired  Winchester Va

“"I’m a 37 years old female that eats right (most of the time) and exercise and gets a yearly check up. Recently I was diagnosed with Mononucleosis, otherwise known as Mono. I had Mono as a teenager as was laid up for 3 months, so when I found out I had it again I was devastated. I didn’t have the time to be sick for 3 months, I have a job, family, and life that needed me. The first week of my Mono I felt like a train hit me, I was sleeping through days not knowing when I woke up if it was morning or night. I had no energy, going to the bathroom took everything I had. Come the second week I was becoming malnourished and dehydrated, I was too tired to eat or drink. I knew I was going down hill fast and had no energy to do anything about it. My Doctor suggested I go on Short Term Disability saying that this could last anywhere from 3weeks up to 26 weeks. That’s when I contacted Debbie. I’ve worked out with Debbie for years and admired her not only for fitness but her advice on nutrition. She was truly my only hope at this point. I contacted her and told her my situation, she immediately came to my rescue. After some questions about the prescriptions I was on, and about how I was feeling she had a plan. That day she gave me a list of things I need to be eating and drinking that would boost my immune system and get me the vitamins and minerals that I needed. She also understood that I had little to no energy to make meals so she told me how to make smoothies, freeze them and I would have all the nutrition I needed in them. She also made me homemade soups (which I’m still waiting for the recipes) that were amazing so that all I needed to do was heat them up and I had nice hot nutritious meal. In addition told me the vitamins I needed to take to help me get better faster. That was music to my ears “better faster”. Debbie had everything I needed including bath salts for my aching muscles in a bag ready for me to take home and start healing. It was day 3 of Debbie’s diet I could feel the difference, I wasn’t as lethargic and started feeling more alert. Every day after I noticed something that didn’t hurt anymore, or that I was staying awake longer, or that I was able to do something I couldn’t before. Per Debbie’s advise I didn’t push it, even though I wanted to, I was seeing a light at the end of this dark tunnel. I was diagnosed with Mono on Jan 5 and here is Jan 29th just 3 weeks and 3 days later I’ve stopped my short term disability and I’m ready to go back to work and get back into my routine. I have since contacted my Doctor and he was surprised at my recovery. Having Mono as an adult the length of recovery is usually much longer. Debbie’s diet not only helped me recover quicker, but I also look and feel amazing. My skin is glowing, and my energy lasts all day long. I feel more focused and alert and I am looking forward to working with Debbie in the future and learning how to feel this way all the time. She was with me every step of the way listening and understanding my situation. Not everyone has the gift that Debbie has and that is the gift of truly caring and wanting to help. I believe everyone should experience what she offers, the gift of a healthy vibrant, energetic life. Thank you Debbie, I couldn’t have done this without you."Dilly Suppes, Retail Management
"So you are considering a nutrition coach?  What's there to consider?  Cost, time, effort and the inevitable question, "...what am I getting into?"  Understandable questions; I had them too!  Well, what are you are getting into can best be described as what are you not getting into.  You are going to learn to do things right.  None of the fad stuff- go to the internet for that but you will return to it again and again to find the next 'idea'.  You will learn from Debbie how to have a relationship from food.  'Huh?' you say.  That's right.  Learn how it impacts your body and your mind and how you feel and function.  This is of particular importance to me since I was trying to recover from a long bout with Mono and Lymes disease.  I was weak and full of potent medicine.  Prior to that I was a very active person but going downhill fast.  I am in my 30's and am an equestrian, lifted weights, would take on projects such as laying my stone walkway, labor to clean up and clear part of my woods, job, and self-employed.  I started to feel very tired and weak prior to contracting Mono.  So, I knew something was amiss even before being forced to lie in bed!  I have been dealing with these illnesses for 3 years and over the last 6 months, been transitioning out of this fog thanks to my doctor and Debbie helping me find the keys to my recovery.  I worded the last sentence that way because no matter how bad off you feel, your recovery and walk to heathy choices is up to you.  It can be done! 
Pam Knight, Parelli Instructor  Boyce, Virginia                                           

"Working with Debbie has been incredible!  Throughout the plan Debbie and I worked one on one together, incorporating my personal goals, I am now eating healthier and "cleaner" than I ever had before.  I have lost 11 pounds and, more importantly, no longer suffer from IBS symptoms nor require medication for those issues.  I can honestly say I will never go on a "fad" diet again.  These changes I have made in my eating habits, exercise program and stress management have been positive and life-changing.  The knowledge, support, patience and thorough approach that Debbie offered over the past six months are immeasurable and I am so grateful." Sanders Damron. RN, BSN Winchester, Virginia

Debbie, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your time, effort, and personalized attention that you gave me over the past six months during the course of my personal fitness program.  I know I can be a "slacker" at times, but your advice, patience and continued encouragement has made a major difference in the way I feel, both physically and mentally.  Aside from the obvious physical benefits of your exercise program and dietary recommendations, I have discovered an added benefit that I had not anticipated... I actually feel more confident and self assured.  I suppose feeling better about myself physically has a positive affect on my attitude as well.  At any rate, it's a nice added bonus from all the work I have done.  Too may of us depend on your expert knowledge, your contagious positive attitude, and your sincere individual concern to make a real difference in our lives." Dr. Alan Fink, Ophthalmologist Winchester, Virginia

"Add a nice serving of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, over 30 years of ulcerative colitis, a ton of steroids wreaking havoc on my body, medicines that didn't work, an insurance company that pulled the plug on necessary medical treatments, two surgeries, the removal of my entire bowel and rectum, two 3-weeks stays in intensive care, a coma, two aspirations, a temperature of 107 degrees, a total weight loss of 75 pounds due to my bodies inability to absorb nutrients, 15 plus trips to the bathroom per day, and a nice heaping loss of muscle mass and you have a nice recipe for my life  as it was directly effected by a debilitating disease.  I didn't believe that anyone could help me and I felt destined to live in horrible pain for the rest of my life.  The medical community had failed me.  So it was with great anticipation that I gave my trust to Debbie and prayed that she could fix me.  That was four months ago.  In just a short four months, Debbie has turned my life upside down and knocked some sense into me.  She completely revised my junk food and processed foods diet, and got me started on a brand new healthy, whole foods diet.  Debbie was very thorough and created a health guide for me and my wife to follow.  Debbie listened to me and taught me to listen to my body and to be careful and cognizant of my stress levels.  During this time with the help of some decent medication under the direction of a new medical team, Debbie has been able to reduce my bathroom outings to half the frequency, reduced my pain to next to nothing, and have gotten me eating only whole and healthy foods and supplements.  After years of not being able to absorb any medications or food nutrients my body has done a complete turn around and I have been able to finally gain weight again.  I no longer look unhealthy and sickly.  I credit Debbie Jeunette entirely for being able to help my body process foods better.  I am truly indebted to Debbie.  I loved who she was before being introduced to her health coaching business, but I love her that much more for what she has done to improve the quality of my life.  My wife cant thank her enough." Jesse Kushner, Counselor  Stephens City, Virginia

"Working with health coach, Debbie Jeunette, has changed my life.  I have suffered with IBS for eleven years and I am only 29 years old.  I started having symptoms when I was a freshman in college and I have dealt with it ever since.  I have tried medications and a ton of other methods but nothing seemed to work.  Within ONE WEEK of following an individualized health plan that Debbie created for me I had immediate results.  My body felt amazingly different and I was able to feel good about myself again.  Seeing Debbie changed my life in a way that was easy and natural.  When I met her, I told her that I wanted to get better.  I told her that I was too young to be relying on medications each day and I believe that there is another way to help myself.  I am proud to say that within two months of making some slight adjustments I was completely off my medicine.  CHEERS to Debbie!!! Thanks for giving me back my health!" Kelly Behr, Elementary School Teacher  Boyce, Virginia