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​Health Coaching focuses on improving individual dietary plans or managing dietary constraints (due to conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease or diabetes to name a few), teaching stress reduction methods, exercise advice and helping in the prevention of chronic diseases such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes that wreck quality of life and cost this nation and individuals a fortune in health care expenses.  Our nation perpetuates a system that reacts to illness rather than preventing it.  As a Certified Health Coach I pick up where your physician left off, helping you implement wellness strategies suggested after a check up or diagnosis.  In addition, I work with individuals who recognize the need for improved "quality of life" and changes needed to prevent future chronic illness.What is the difference between a Registered Dietician (RD) and a Certified Health Coach? Registered Dietitians and Certified Health Coaches all have one same end goal: help people get healthier by improving their diet. So it’s natural that people are confused.  Registered Dietitians must hold a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition and dietetics, focus on formulating meal plans and are licensed in their state.  Registered Dietitians can also sometimes refer to themselves as a “Nutritionist”.  However, these titles: Nutritional Counselors, Nutritional Advisors, or Nutritionists are non- licensed titles and require no education or credentialing.  Certified Health Coaches (they must be Certified) are recognized thru the American Association for Drugless Practitioners and concentrate on the “whole person” when helping their clients improve their health. Other major differences are in the process…The diet of the client is often the sole concern of the RD. The thought is that weight loss and a healthier body is only achieved through improvement to the diet and the science of digestion. A restrictive diet is often their solution to the problem of their weight loss. Their over simplified platitudes such as “calories make you fat” fat makes you fat” and “calories in=calories out” are often prescribed as a blanket solution to everyone’s problem. Some people encounter a unique problem with their bodies that the cookie cutter approach just isn’t going to be able to help. The real fact is that all people are different, not only emotionally but physically as well, and it may take a unique strategy to make it work out.  You may be a person who has lost control of their life to food. If you can’t stop thinking about what you are going to eat next, are obsessed with weighing, measuring, counting calories/carbs/fat, or have questions regarding how fat, carbs, and calories all interact in a person’s body, or what and when to eat, or how to buy food, or how to live a healthy life when you have very limited time in a day…. talking to your Certified Health Coach about your confusion is probably a good idea!!!  The knowledge and education of your Certified Health Coach is based on scientific information rather than fad marketing! The Certified Health Coach is more prone to looking at a client’s problems with broader dietary theories. When a Certified Health Coach signs on to help you, they should be willing to take a look at your whole life with you, and help you identify where you have problems in your relationship with food, exercise, stress and other facets that make you “healthy”.   Instead of taking things out of your life, a Certified Heath Coach wants to add more to your life.  When you are creating a more positive world view, adding in more exercise, new eating habits, learning to self nurture, discovering that food that's good for you taste good too!....can make your life a lot more happy overall.  The Certified Health Coach designs their program so that the client is exposed to a more happy healthy life that frees them from physical problems that  improper eating and negative attitudes can have on a person's life. Another major difference is that Certified Heath Coaches provide ongoing support and education for their clients.  This empowers the client with tools to continue making the right choices long after they finish working with their coaching sessions.  Along with a notebook full of handouts, grocery shopping, exercise and stress reduction advice and personalized "incentives" these components of Health Coaching are the defining differences in proven long term success and improved overall health of the client

​​What other health care provider supports you in between your sessions? What is the value you put on your health?  IT'S UP TO YOU!! 
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